Building a Moral Foundation: Moral Landscaping Part 2 Episode 73

In this episode of The Secular Hubcast we welcome Chris Shelton: a podcaster (Sensibly Speaking), critical thinker, ex-Scientologist and friend of the show. Together we further develop the ideas examined in the first part of our Moral Landscaping series. During our discussion Chris provides some push back that helps to further clarify and hone the ideas behind Building a Moral Foundation. The discussion gets a little heated but ends with smiles and handshakes.


This series is designed to build a moral foundation that you can use in your everyday life. Its meant to provide guidance and understanding of what morality is, how we can properly engage with it and how we can avoid moral relativism and other pitfalls of moral judgement and thinking. You can measure your own moral code to the foundation built in this series to determine if your moral position should be taken seriously.


HOST, EDITOR:  Paul Schilling

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