Episode 9 – We Shall Undercome with Seth Andrews

On July 8, 2017 Seth Andrews visited Denver and the Secular Hub to debut his new talk “The Satanic Panic – The Witch Hunt of the Late Twentieth Century”

The HubCast was on hand to record an interview about travel, work, community and meeting people, among other topics.  Seth is well versed in apologetics and well spoken when it comes to pointing out their flaws.  His talk was informative, funny, and sometimes touching when he spoke of community and the damage done in the name of faith.

Visit’s Seth’s website

Seeing Seth live is a treat for anyone.  Seth is approachable and fun to talk with.  To see him yourself visit his events page

Episode 8 – Atheists Helping the Homeless

Service to community is a responsibility of all feeling and caring beings. Some members of the atheist/freethought community choose to provide service directly to the most vulnerable among us.

Atheists Helping the Homeless is a grass roots organization active in many communities around the nation. Denver has a dedicated and active group of nonbelievers that provides winter clothing, sleeping bags, food, hygiene supplies and other necessary items to Denver’s homeless community.

Find out what motivates these volunteers in this episode of the Secular Hubcast.

Learn more about Atheists Helping the Homeless:

Have a question for the volunteers or want to help out yourself?

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Guest(s):  Russell Poley, Erik Watkins, Larissa, and Christian

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