Episode 70: CFI Conference Interview featuring Becky and Ruth from the Hub

In this episode of the Secular Hubcast we interview two Secular Hub members to get their perspective on the recent Center for Inquiry’s conference held in Las Vegas. Becky and Ruth describe their experiences, tell us about the different speakers they saw and encourage us to attend such conferences ourselves.


HOST, EDITOR:  Paul Schilling

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One thought on “Episode 70: CFI Conference Interview featuring Becky and Ruth from the Hub”

  1. Great discussion Becky and Ruth!

    I wish I could have gone to the conference this year. I’ve never been to one but it sounded pretty fun, and I’ve wanted to meet Richard Dawkins for some time.

    Paul, you didn’t introduce yourself, silly. If I didn’t know who you were I would have been like, “who the hell is this dude talking?”

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