Humanism: Service and Participation

In examining the 10 Commitments of Living Humanist Values, one of the commitments is Service and Participation.

Service and participation means putting values into action in ways that positively impact our communities and society as a whole. It fosters helping others, increasing social awareness, enhancing accountability, and many attributes of the other nine commitments. Engaging in service doesn’t just make the recipients better off, but those who serve can develop new skills, experiences, and personal satisfaction that all promote personal growth. We must all recognize that we are members of a group, and engaging in service to benefit the group and the other individuals in it makes us all better off.

The Secular Hub is an example of that commitment, being an all volunteer organization, providing space for events that bring people together and creating opportunities for helping our community and people outside our group.

This weekend (June 24-25, 2023), we are participating in two events: Denver PrideFest (Saturday & Sunday) and the Highlands Street Fair (Saturday) to bring our message to the wider Denver Metro community.  Come visit our booths at one or both of these events.

Also celebrate the summer solstice and enjoy the long days as they get shorter from today.

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