Nevertheless, She Persisted

Wall Street owns the country. It is no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, but a government of Wall Street, by Wall Street and for Wall Street….

A quote by Senator Elizabeth Warren? It sounds a lot like her, but this quote was from 1890, by a woman that sounds just as passionate as Senator Warren! Mary Elizabeth Lease was an American lecturer, writer and political activist. She was also known as “Mother Lease” by her supporters and “Mary Yellin” by her enemies. Born in Pennsylvania in 1850 to Irish parents, Lease became a school teacher in Kansas in 1870. She and her husband, a pharmacist, spent ten years trying to make a living farming, but finally gave up in 1883 and settled in Wichita.

She was a powerful public speaker, for the Populist Party, that connected with Kansas farmers, who were rebelling against high mortgage interest and railroad rates. She was loved by farmers and labor unions, while the press and the major party politicians criticized her unmercifully. Nevertheless, she persisted and made more than 160 speeches for the Populist cause, campaigning all over Kansas, as well as the Far West and the South.

Even though Lease split with the Populist Party starting in 1893 (they were defeated in 1984) she felt with the election of Theodore Roosevelt and the national drive for reforms she advocated years earlier:

In these later years I have seen, with gratification, that my work in the good old Populist days was not in vain. The Progressive party has adopted our platform, clause for clause, plank by plank. Note the list of reforms which we advocated which are coming into reality. Direct election of senators is assured. Public utilities are gradually being removed from the hands of the few and placed under the control of the people who use them. Women suffrage is now almost a national issue . . . The seed we sowed out in Kansas did not fall on barren ground.

picture of Mary LeaseIf we can learn anything from Mary Elizabeth Lease, it is to be successful we need to persist!  She did this all before women could vote! Take note, high school students all over America.






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Tonight on Sixty Minutes there was an interesting interview with Stormy Daniels. Thank you for not being a victim. Keep persisting! #KeepPersisting

And in the interest of not being sexist, go Giannis! What an immigrant!  Thanks for coming to America!

Episode 12 – Talking Street with Anthony Magnabosco

Anthony Magnabosco is one of today’s rock stars of SE, or Street Epistemology.  Anthony has been leading the way in real engagement with believers of all types, and his hundreds (literally) of Youtube videos demonstrate how he does it and why he is so effective.

Anthony is also a leader when it comes to getting other free thinkers to practice Street Epistemology.  By running training seminars he has gotten many others who have never performed SE before to become familiar with engaging others, asking relevant questions. Anthony ran a brilliant training session in Denver at the Secular Hub with dozens in attendance.

After putting in a long day of helping others Anthony took a little extra time to talk to the Secular Hubcast.  Why does he put himself in front of strangers again and again?

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