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About the Secular Hub

The Secular Hub is here to build and unite the community of secular organizations in the front range.  We provide a meeting place for the various meet-ups, speakers and community events.  We also sponsor activities focused on education building community, advancing reason, and giving back. The Hub is also a place where like-minded people can get together to organize action in support of the secular causes that matter most to them, be it organizing a park clean-up or planning a response to a violation of the 1st amendment.

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Upcoming Events

Below is a partial list of upcoming events. For a complete list click on the calendar button.

Looking for Secular Recovery Resources?!

Support Groups

Leaving behind the support structures of a religious community can be a difficult–and sometimes traumatic–experience.  The Hub is home to a number of support groups, including groups that aid in transitioning out of a religious community and that provide a secular alternative for those dealing with substance abuse.

Free-thinkers in AA

A 12-Step support group meeting for those struggling with religious beliefs, the idea of a god, or of a higher power someplace “out there”  expressed in most AA meetings. Our goal is to recover a healthy, non-theistic understanding of the 12-Step process, enabling the individual to find the power for change within himself or herself.  (Meets every Monday at 6:30 PM, a and every Saturday at 9:30 AM,  at 3100 Downing Street (Secular Hub).  Check the Hub calendar or to be sure there aren’t changes!  Hosted by Jeb.

Need a celebrant?

Contact Secular Hub[/button] Secular Hub keeps a list of humanist celebrants (a kind of chaplain) that perform secular weddings, conduct funerals, etc. Contact us if you need these services and we will provide you with some options.

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Life Ring

LifeRing is a network of people who support one another in living free of alcohol and other non-medically indicated addictive drugs.  They will soon be having meetings at Secular Hub

Recovering From Religion

Recovering from Religion is a support group for those exploring the possibilities of a life beyond religious belief. Monthly meetings are open to individuals from all religious backgrounds, at any stage in the process of leaving faith behind.  Monthly meetings are currently held at 11am on the first Saturday of each month at the Secular Hub. See the Calendar for any updates.

Secular Therapy Resources

There are many secular people in any community that have mental health needs. [Just like everyone else!] Unfortunately, many secularists report that they cannot find a secular counselor in their community.  The counselors  cannot openly advertise as secular for fear of losing clients or other negative social and professional consequences. This clearinghouse is intended to help the two find each other.