Welcome to the Stage – Episode 66

Life is a constant process of things getting used up and then being renewed.  It’s true whether you’re talking about an individual, an organization, or an ecosystem.

The Secular Hub goes through many changes and renews itself with infusions of fresh energy and ideas in the form of new members and volunteers.  It’s a hallmark of a healthy organization that times of change are actually times of growth that spur us to be even better than we were before.

On this episode we speak with the Secular Hub’s newest board members, Monica and Dana.  It’s incredible to think that the Board membership is composed of six (6!) women and only one man.  Dirk, you better watch out!

We’re very happy to welcome our newest Board members and wish them great success as they fulfill their terms of service to the greater community.


Secular Hub Board Members Monica and Dana

HOST, EDITOR:  Jesse Gilbertson

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