Episode 14 – Secular Hub Founders

Five years ago a small group composed of 21 highly motivated individuals came together to form the Secular Hub.  The Hub has become an important community center for many more people since.  Two of those original founders speak here, discussing what atheism and the secular community was like before the Hub existed and how it has changed since.

These two founders have something else in common as well in that both live with cerebral palsy, and they discuss what it means to live and work in America.

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According to The Secular Coalition for Colorado’s website:

Atheists for Humanity Inc. is a 501(c)3 charity non-profit based in Denver, Colorado. Our goals are simple: raise money and awareness for worthy charities and actively work to de-stigmatize atheists and atheism


In case you didn’t see it, the Secular Hub got some positive press last year.  Check out the article for a decent characterization of a Sunday morning at the Hub, made possible by the initiative of the founders


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Music: A Himitsu – Adventures

Host, Editor: Jesse Gilbertson

Featuring:  Sean and Tristan