Episode 45 – Death Cafe

A Safe Place to Talk about Death

The Death Duo, Heili and Stephanie, join us for a delightful discussion about death and dying.  This can be a very difficult topic to discuss, but it is very important to give thought and attention to what may happen to us before it is too late.

As painful as the topic can be it can also be a lot of fun to think about, if you’re with the right people.  In this discussion we cover everything from choosing when to go into hospice, to coping with or supporting the dying, to alternative ways to care for one’s remains.

Are you interested in learning more about Death Cafe or hosting one of your own?  Visit the official site to join the community

Talking about dying with loved ones is difficult.  Use this starter kit to help you.  Before it’s TOO LATE!

I guess it’s true.  We live in a world where Luke Perry can be buried in a mushroom suit

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Music: A Himitsu – Adventures

Guests: Heili and Stephanie

Host: Jesse Gilbertson, Chauncey William

Episode 32 – Humans, Celebrating

For those who live without religion significant and profound human moments can be difficult to really  commemorate.  It seems that important moments, be they:

  • Marriages
  • Funerals and memorials
  • Christenings
  • Retirements

or any other powerful life change requires special acknowledgement.  For instance, when one decides to change one’s gender ‘coming out’ as that new person when the process is done can be extremely helpful for the person and the community.  Similarly, holding a memorial after a loved one dies helps the community remember that person and properly begin to grieve so as to move on.

Tim and Jennifer are registered Life Cycle Celebrants who perform non-religious ceremonies.  Sometimes these are mixed religion ceremonies where the participants desire a non-religious ceremony (so no one feels excluded).  Other times ceremonies performed are for the secular and Humanist society (which is their specialty).

Visit celebratingtimes.com to see what Tim and Jennifer do or to write to them…or on Twitter…or on Facebook

Want to learn more about Celebrants or the process of becoming one?  Learn about the Celebrant Foundation & Institute

If you happen to be getting married and you’re already using theknot.com be certain to see how Jennifer and Tim are registered on that site.  Many interesting photos from previous ceremonies

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