Episode 40 – Feeding on the News 2


It pours down upon us in an endless stream, relentless and ruthless.  It can drive one to withdraw and say “To HELL with the world.  I’m not paying attention anymore!”

But it’s my world, too, and yours. So it’s on all of us to care, to pay attention.  Join us, pay attention and form your own opinions.  The propaganda out there is strong, the antidote is alertness and vigilange.

Join us.

Hosts:  Jesse Gilbertson, Paul Schilling, Melissa Huff, Chauncey Williams

Editor: Jesse Gilbertson

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Episode 5 – Secular Sisterhood

The cliche that atheists are a bunch of white men has persisted so long because many atheist groups tend to be dominated by them.

Where do freethinking women go for their community?  The Secular Hub is proud of our Secular Sisterhood, a group founded by women to provide a safe place for community, sharing, and support.

In this episode Ruth and Katie discuss what the Secular Sisterhood does, its mission, and what it means to its members.  What was the impetus for forming it in the first place, why was it even needed?

Also discussed in this episode;  the frenzy of sexual assault allegations, denials, and confessions that has dominated the media landscape touches the lives of secular people, too.  Katie and Ruth have a direct and candid discussion on this, and Jesse even gets in on the action to ask a few naive questions.

This is a serious conversation, so strong language and mature conversation occur.  Listen at your own risk.

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Non-binary gendered individuals

Evolve Fish supports Secular Sisterhood

Axe throwing is the new thing to do.  Here and here’s where we do it in Denver

Women are not nags.  Believe it

The Secular Hubcast:  the Voice of Denver’s Secular Hub

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Music: A Himitsu – Adventures

Host: Ruth McLeod

Guests: Katie Wolfis, Jesse Gilbertson

Correction: At the time of posting this episode the Meetup page for Secular Sisterhood has 289 members