Episode 12 – Talking Street with Anthony Magnabosco

Anthony Magnabosco is one of today’s rock stars of SE, or Street Epistemology.  Anthony has been leading the way in real engagement with believers of all types, and his hundreds (literally) of Youtube videos demonstrate how he does it and why he is so effective.

Anthony is also a leader when it comes to getting other free thinkers to practice Street Epistemology.  By running training seminars he has gotten many others who have never performed SE before to become familiar with engaging others, asking relevant questions. Anthony ran a brilliant training session in Denver at the Secular Hub with dozens in attendance.

After putting in a long day of helping others Anthony took a little extra time to talk to the Secular Hubcast.  Why does he put himself in front of strangers again and again?

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Learn about the original Manual for Creating Atheists by Peter Boghossian.

There is also a brilliant app if you can’t remember the steps.

Other groups are practicing SE, such as the one Anthony mentioned in beautiful Portland, OR

Hungry and don’t know where to go?  The Walnut Room.  Pizza. Music. Spirits.

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Music: A Himitsu – Adventures

Host: Jesse Gilbertson

Featuring:  Anthony Magnabosco

Editing: Paul Schilling

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