Episode 31 – Womxn’s March 2019


Listen to those who have been silenced.
Unite under the banner of anti-oppression.
Act with intention.

The marching continues.

The very talented Regan Byrd   emcee’d the rally in the morning and introduced the many speakers.  She speaks on intersectionality at one point during the rally and the Hubcast was on hand to catch those words.

Later, Chauncey spoke with three who were marching together and they shared their time and viewpoints on why they were marching.  The conversation is smart and powerful and captures the spirit of the moment.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2019 Denver Womxn’s March!

Host:  Chauncey Williams

Guests:  Megan, Contessa, Liz

Editors: Chauncey Williams

Logo Design: Terry Kirkham

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