Episode 38 – Ask Me Anything

Atheists need to be more visible in society and it is accomplished by individuals getting out there and making themselves so.  This can be a little awkward at times but is always a good time.  Chauncey, Paul, and Jesse relate some of the weirder stories from past events volunteering.

The discussion flows into the meaning of life, death and everything else.  This is very similar to how some of these Ask An Atheist day discussions can go.

Hosts:  Jesse Gilbertson, Paul Schilling, Chauncey Williams

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Episode 6 – Denver People’s Fair

Community, Volunteerism, Outreach

The People’s Fair is a 45 Year tradition in Denver, Colorado that welcomes in the summer with an enormous festival of entertainers, artists, and volunteers in a celebration of community.  According to the official website of the People’s Fair, it is

Denver’s oldest neighborhood festival and famous for bringing together a diverse population to celebrate community and enjoy the start to the summer. This Civic Center Park tradition welcomes community groups, artists, and entertainment from every corner of Denver.  The uniqueness and magic of the People’s Fair is created by the blending of great family fun, carefully selected handmade arts & crafts, delicious culinary delights, fabulous entertainment and the commitment to raise funds for and promote the missions of non-profit organizations.

As part of volunteerism and community outreach the Secular Hub’s many hardworking volunteers were present to make a good impression on believers and to let everyone else know that a thriving free thought community exists right here in Denver.  Enjoy this exploration of community in culture with The Secular HubCast!

Learn more about Denver and the People’s Fair:

Civic Center Park

The official website for the People’s Fair

Learn more about the guests who spoke with the HubCast:

One Colorado is fighting to protect the people of Colorado from bad science

Learn more about the practice of public banking.  As a model for other economies, consider North Dakota’s public bank

Ellen Brown writes on the subject of public banking

A bunch of volunteers from the Hub took a break to have a giant sword battle.  It was super fun

Can Denver ComicCon promote education?  Learn about those efforts here

The Secular Hubcast:  the Voice of Denver’s Secular Hub

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