Episode 33 – Meow Wolf and Secular Hub, The Interview

Matt King and Caity Kennedy in their Garage

No one knows exactly where Meow Wolf lives or where it comes from, but it has entered our universe and it’s not leaving.  There’s a great deal of interest and excitement around Meow Wolf’s permanent Santa Fe location, ‘The House of Eternal Return’ and an unholy amount of anticipation around Meow Wolf’s future permanent locations in Las Vegas and Denver.

Meow Wolf’s new locations are larger than the original (the Meow Wolf’s influence grows constantly!) and there are plans for many locations in many new cities.

Meow Wolf co-founder Matt King visited and joined into conversation with the Secular Hub at the Dinner and a Documentary event for January.  Engaging in a nearly hour long Q-and-A discussion with our community he then sat down before our microphones for a 1-0n-1 interview.

Events such as this are a remarkable example of just what a special place the Secular Hub is.  Hope to see you there soon.

Host:  Jesse Gilbertson

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Episode 15 – Center for Science and Wonder “C-SaW”

C-SaW is similar to the Secular Hub, but for Las Vegas.  A building dedicated to community for the non-religious where all can be treated equal.

According to their own website C-SaW is:

A radically-inclusive, secular community center that provides a venue supporting science education, arts and community-building in ways that were historically served by religious buildings, but without a religious affiliation.

Chauncey visited C-SaW and saw with his own eyes the building where atheists and skeptics (and others, as well) gather and create community.

This discussion reveals some of the similarities and differences in the story of these two different secular community organizations

Check out C-SaW’s website

See also C-SaW’s facebook page as well as its Patreon page

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