Episode 7, Nonbelief at the Holidays

Nonbelievers celebrate the holiday, too.  Well, some of them do.

Secular Hub board member Chauncey Williams leads a discussion with several other members about the meaning of the holiday season in their lives.  What follows is a friendly and lively discussion filled with laughter.  Covered are stories of Christmases past, thoughts on what the holidays mean to nonbelievers, and how we celebrate (if we even choose to celebrate at all).

Warning: this episode features nostalgia, good feelings, and unabashed joy.  A fair bit of cynicism, too, just to keep things balanced.

Mandatory Christmas Viewing discussed in this episode:

A Christmas Story

It’s a Wonderful Life

Non Christmas themed episodes of Futurama, Valentine’s Day episode and Independence Day episode.  Good stuff


Freedom, Freedom, Freedom, Oy
The humble kaboodle. A tackle box for lip gloss

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Music: A Himitsu – Adventures

Host: Chauncey Williams

Featuring: Ruth Mcleod, Kim Saviano, Joe Hickman, Jesse Gilbertson