3 – Andrew Curtis Forlines – Secular Comedy Home School

This week we speak with Secular Hub member Andrew Curtis Forlines.  Currently a chef and comedian in the Denver area, Andrew speaks about what it was like to grow up home schooled, never visiting or attending any organized school.  What type of religious thinking can create a situation where children don’t have a basic right to an education, and what are some of the consequences?
Andrew and Jesse also discuss the comedy scene, accidentally getting a contact high at work, making scientists better communicators and bringing people together.  In addition to being a member of the Secular Hub Andrew also volunteers at the Hub by organizing and running events such as Secular Night Live, cooking for events like pancake breakfasts, and running Dinner and a Documentary night, as well as other events.  He’s kind of a working machine.
Find Andrew Curtis Forlines at or reach out to him via
Email:  HysterialAF@gmail.com
Host: Jesse Gilbertson
Guests: Andrew Curtis Forlines
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