Episode 37 – Coming Out Atheist

Coming Out Atheist:  Why Does it Matter?

Chauncey, Paul, and Jesse discuss their past experiences coming out as atheist, how they did it and why.  It’s a personal choice for each individual as to when they come out and in what manner.  If we’re able, most of us come out to different people at different times, in a way that seems best or safest.  At a certain point we move from a point of fear to one of pride in our authentic identity and volunteer time to spread it to others.

  1. It allows us to interact with believers in a respectful way
  2. It dispels common misconceptions about atheism and what it means to be secular
  3. Helps those who have never experienced it understand secular life
  4. Atheism isn’t a belief system!
  5. Promotes the benefits of secular thinking and morality
  6. Allows us to find other secular folks who don’t know there are others like them out there
  7. Accomplishes outreach to people who believe differently and establishes who we are
  8. Changes the narrative so folks hear the truth about who we are rather than someone else’s talking points
  9. We take pride in who we are and want others to know it
  10. It’s fun to go out and meet people and discuss/share ideas
  11. Be an example to others that it’s ok to be an out atheist

Visit the Secular Student Alliance.  Send them an email and tell them you heard about them on the podcast, even if you already knew about them

Hosts:  Jesse Gilbertson, Paul Schilling, Chauncey Williams

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