Episode 11 – American Millenials

Some come to atheism/freethought late in life while others are born into it.  Some poor few never get there at all.  Does America’s newest generation of adults, the Millenials, represent a growing body of nonbelievers or a swing back to a more fundamentalist worldview?

In this panel discussion hosted by Chauncey our Millenial panel discusses faith, the transition from it, and a new worldview which is evidence based.  Is the world becoming more rational or is the pendulum moving back toward fundamentalism?  What do the changes we see in society say about us as a people?

Learn more about pioneering atheist Madelyn Murry O’Hair.  Here is a fun montage from Youtube of some of her public speaking

Richard Dawkins and The God Delusion keep coming up over and over on The Hubcast, for some reason

Check out Tracie Harris, Matt Dillahunty and the rest of the Atheist Community of Austin

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Music: A Himitsu – Adventures

Host: Chauncey Williams

Millenials:  Elizabeth, Mike, Sam,

Token Gen Xer: Tristan