What is a Secular Conference? – Episode 58

Colorado Secular Conference 2019

CSC 19 brought together hundreds of atheists and freethinkers from around the nation, as well as dozens of groups and vendors.  It was a special opportunity for community, camaraderie, and support as well as the vital exchange of ideas and lived experience on a large scale.

The Secular Hubcast was on hand to capture the moment by conducting interviews with some familiar voices and many new ones.

I know what I’ll be asking folks for the next little while:  Where’s the next conference you’ll be attending?

To learn more, contact the organizers, or buy merch pay CSC 19 a visit at their online home

Please visit the websites or social media of our special guests to let them know you heard them on Secular HubCast:

Seth Andrews, The Thinking Atheist program

Annie Laurie Gaylor, Freedom From Religion Foundation

Shelley Segal, Musician

Visit the websites of the guests we interviewed in this episode:

Humanists Doing Good  These guys have a lot of volunteer opportunities, if you’re in Grand Junction

We welcomed the The Satanic Temple Colorado to the conference and come to appreciate their nontheistic religion.  Thanks and we’re looking forward to seeing you again sometime

evolvefish.com  Check them out, they have what you neeeeeed!!

Skeptic Bret, host of Athiests on High podcast as well as an organizer for Pike’s Peak Athiests, has a lot to say

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