Could you ever believe in the rapture?

There are many Christians that believe that when the rapture occurs they will be scooped up into the arms of Christ and shuttled off onto a cloud, or some other heavenly place, where they will look down upon the misery and suffering of those being tortured in hell. They often say this with a thin smile appearing on their face. When they articulate their belief in the rapture dogma, they often describe a pilot vanishing or a driver disappearing; leaving their passengers helpless in their absence. Since all Christians believe that they will go to heaven in the rapture, and simultaneously cannot say the same for anyone else, I can only presume that they imagine their children coasting aimlessly in an otherwise empty car down the highway until the driver-less vehicle finally smashes into a wall or guard rail. Who knows? Maybe they even imagine the anguish and death of their children, perhaps burning alive in the wreckage. After all, they worship a god that stands by and watches while countless children are raped and tortured every day. Being omnipresent, apparently god even becomes entangled in these grisly acts himself. Possibly relishing in both the pain of the tortured and the pleasure of the torturer. This is a god that set the stage for his own son to be brutally tortured and killed; again, doing nothing to stop this atrocity. If a Christian puts this type of god above all else in life, and they proclaim to do just that, then it is reasonable for me to assume that they themselves consider this possibility. This is one of the major problems I see with Christianity. As a non believer, who has a firm understanding of the Christian belief system, I must assume the worst of each Christian. That is until they show themselves to be a morally well person and not a blood lusting psychopath like their beloved Yahweh/Jesus. According to the fairy tale the two are one and the same; as is the holy spirit. Whatever that might be. When a Christian tells me the rapture story or when I hear it told to others they often leave out the punchline. “God will scoop me up in his arms and take me directly to heaven; and the rest of you will go straight to hell.” This leads me to wonder if Christians realize how horrible they sound and how immoral they are. I challenge you to think of a more immoral and horrific belief than that of the rapture. This may sound like a difficult task but ironically all one needs to do is flip through the pages of any religious text to meet such a challenge. What’s even worse is that it is hard to imagine anyone but a religious person advocating and preparing for, much less looking forward to such a terrifying event. Here is another major problem I have with the religious. How can they smile thinking of such savagery? Sadly I believe that they operate under one of two very narcissistic possibilities. The first is that they never think of anyone other then themselves. They are with god, so what else matters? Secondly, they actually like the idea of a huge number of people they know suffering. Especially so, if they are able to look on. Either option illustrates the madness of the religious thinker and their abandonment of their humanity.

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