Episode 39 – Logical Episode

A wise man once told me:  a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.  In this episode Chauncey, Paul, and Jesse attempt to increase their knowledge of one of humankind’s oldest mental disciplines:  LOGIC.

Everybody likes to claim to be logical.  But how many of us can define it or exercise it in life?  Why do so many people make so many illogical decisions all the time?

In addition to defining and explaining, we discuss some real world logical arguments put forth by some highly questionable sources.  Let’s just say, the logic doesn’t quite hold up.

Check out the FIELD GUIDE TO CRITICAL THINKING.  Very good stuff.  We have barely scratched it in our discussions, really.

Hosts:  Jesse Gilbertson, Paul Schilling, Chauncey Williams

Editor: Paul Schilling

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