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King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards Program

With a King Soopers reloadable gift card, 5% of your grocery purchases will go to the Secular Hub! That makes us hundreds of dollars each year.
Ask a Board Member (red lanyard) for a card the next time you’re at the Hub. $10 gets you a card with a $10 value.

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Use Amazon Smile and 0.5% of your purchases will go to the Secular Hub!  Doesn’t cost you any more, helps our bottom line.

Why Donate?

The Secular Hub relies on our members dues, donations, and volunteerism to provide a community meeting place for Secular events.   This enables us to keep the rent paid, the lights on and to bring nationally known educational speakers to our community.  So feel free to donate!  We’ll be grateful and you’ll feel good.  We would like to be the “CPR” of the secular community in Colorado… trusted to bring facts, provide a comforting community of rational people, and be a home for the secular citizens here in Denver.

Can I pay online to rent the Hub?

The Secular Hub is available for rental.  Contact to find out available dates and costs.  Then you can use the button below to pay on line and reserve your space rental.

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Some of our members struggle with affording their membership.  At the same time they need a Secular Community.  If you can help, consider sponsoring a fellow atheist, rationalist, freethinker.  You’ll be glad you did!

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The Secular Hub
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Denver, CO 80201

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