Friday the 13th: Science Talk: All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go: Mummies and the Afterlife.

Friday the 13th: Science Talk: All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go: Mummies and the Afterlife.

Well folks, it’s Friday the 13th., just 2 weeks from Halloween, and the spirits are awakening. For centuries people have been fascinated by the cultures that have wrapped up and preserved their dead to prepare them for the big sendoff to . . . ? Whether you attended or missed Dr. Sue Ware’s informative and entertaining talk about wolves and their ancestors a few months ago, you’re in for a treat. She’s back with a talk about Mummies.

The human mortality question is a big one and has been a focus of human thought since the beginning of recorded time. People have been dealing with disposing, decorating, preserving, and remembering the dead in all cultures around the world. Whether they are from China, Mexico, Egypt, or somewhere else, mummies have exerted the most enduring influence on human imagination than any other topic. Mummies are a world-wide phenomenon and they speak directly to our dreams of life after death and our continuance into “the Great Beyond”.
Mummies have been with us throughout history and are part of our cultural and psychological DNA…they inspire us, mystify us, and scare us…but ALWAYS, they intrigue us…this lecture will explain why.

Doors Open at 6:00. Pizza and other snacks will be served. This event is FREE to Secular Hub members; non-members $5.00.

About the Speaker: Dr. Ware holds a B. A. in science and art from Loretto Heights College, an M. A. in education and psychology from the University of Northern Colorado, an M. A. in anthropology from the University of Colorado, and a Ph. D in interdisciplinary studies from the Union Institute & University.

She has 40 + years of teaching experience coupled with scientific research and medical illustration.

Image Credit:

Mario Sánchez Prada
British museum, Egypt mummies
London, March 2010
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October 2, 2017

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