Terms of Use

Secular Hub Membership Membership Criteria:
(required of every member while at the Hub, on the website, or taking part in any Secular Hub sanctioned event)

  1. Commits to honor the separation of Church and State in American governance
  2. Commits to not promote belief in deities or other supernatural entities
  3. Commits to conduct themselves with a sense of decorum and goodwill, and agrees to not intentionally create ill feelings or animosity among fellow members 

The Secular Hub reserves the right to revoke membership at any time if the actions of a member or group detracts from the happiness and general well-being of other members.

Front Range Secular Affiliates

Front Range Secular Affiliates

What makes the Secular Hub unique?  Our idea was to  unite, support and share resources with secular groups up and down the front range to promote and build a secular community in Colorado.  We are a part of the American Humanist Association. And, we are affiliated...

Community News

Share the latest news! We want to hear about your adventures, encounters, honors and news about the secular community.  You are our “reporters”!  Let us know what’s...


Secular Hub is a 100% volunteer based non-profit.  We always need volunteers and even create opportunities to give back to the community.  It’s a great way to get to know others and feel pretty good about how you spent a few hours.  This forum is a place to...