Each year the Board of Directors sets the fee Schedule for Secular Hub members. The schedule is used by the Treasurer to create the budget for the upcoming fiscal year. The schedule is set forth in this Policy Statement which is updated annually and ratified by members at the annual membership meeting. The membership fee schedule is designed to support as many member income/financial situations as possible to allow as many individuals to join and reap the benefits of membership as possible, while, at the same time, providing the HUB enough income to pay all operation expenses.  Cash payments will be treated as donations, not membership dues.

All memberships and donations are tax deductible. Look for your annual receipt.

Recurring Membership

Monthly Membership Subscription
Family Members:

Annual Memberships

These are annual memberships with a duration of 12 months only.

2017 Annual Membership
Student I.D. & School
  • (Includes family members… Please provide names)

Sponsor a Membership

Sometimes we have people who want to be members and just can’t afford it.  We’ve all been there right?  This is a way to pay it forward and help someone else…


Donate to the Hub:  (We view donations as just that.  In fact we love donations and those who make them.  But it becomes confusing to us when a donor expects membership… So if you want to support us AND be a member, consider, becoming a Sustaining Member at any level.)

This is where you can make payments for hub rentals as well, or other 1 time payment transactions.